Where is the set up page?

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Your video on how to set this quad up is good.  However, for those of us that are new, where do I find the page she used to set the sticks?



If you want to bring up the RC calibration screen, you can do so by holding the button on the side of the bottom layer of the powercube. See the manual page 27 Manual.qq190racingdrone.com


When I try to get into stick calibration it just flashes WAITING FOR SBUS???  I’m using the tango w/ frisky x4rsb.  ???


The manual is here:



There is also a QR code provided on the box that you can scan to get the manual.

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I received no manual with my QQ190 falcon and it is still unclear where this setup page appears.  Is this in something on a computer or does it appear on the radio screen?


Did you see this video?



Brandy goes through it at the end of the video.


You should get to The RC calibration when first powering on the quad. If not, push and hold the button on the side of the electronics stack for 10 seconds.


This is also outlined in the manual on page 26

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