Where should I attach the signal wire of FS A8S on DALRC F405 AIO

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Greetings evryone !
I have been searching for an answer but Alas! to no avail . I’m a beginner and  building my first quad ZX-STP 220 , with DALRC F405 AIO FC and FS A8S Rx . I have attached the ibus wire to the R3 pad on my FC and have enabled the serial Rx on all the UARTS  (just in case) , but still no values change when I move any switch on my FS-I6 Tx .

The Rx is perfectly bound with the Tx. The Tx is setup with ibus enabled
I have set the receiver mode on the Betaflight configurator as serial amd with ibus as protocol .

Have I made a mistake connecting the signal wire of Rx to the R3 of my FC ? Since a video on YT told me that I’ll have to use the RC pad only for sbus protocol and any Rx pad for the ibus . Or am I making a mistake in the Betaflight configurator ?
Can’t find the manual of the FC as to where to connect my Rx for ibus protocol .
Any sort of quick help will be appreciated. Thank you ..,

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If using The FS-iA6B receiver, then it has two iBUS ports, located at the top 6 pins on the receiver. The “SENS” slot is for telemetry input into the FS-iA6B. 

since you cant yet use IBUS telemetry with Betaflight, ignore the sense slot.
Connect the Servo slot to your Flight Controller.
Betaflight configuration with iBUS receivers is pretty simple:

  1. In the “Ports” tab, enable “Serial RX” on the UART port you attached your FlySky RX to.
  2. In the “Configuration” tab, pick “RX_SERIAL” under “Receiver Mode” and select “IBUS” as the “Serial Receiver Provider”.
  3. In the receiver tab, select the Futaba, or AETR1234 channel map. This is the default so you may not need to change it.
  4. Verify that when you move the roll, pitch, yaw and throttle sticks on your transmitter, the correct values in the receiver tab change as well – in the correct direction. “Up” and “Right” sticks should increase the values. “Down” and “Left” should decrease them. If you are using the AUX switches, make sure those work too. All values should center at 1500 except throttle, which should be set at 1000 when the stick is moved all the way down. Use the trim on the transmitter to make sure throttle settles at “1000”.

I borrowed this answer from Propwashed, I take no credit for it because here at QQ, we dont waste our time with the FLysky stuff, but thought it could help you.

The full article is here:

FlySky iBUS Betaflight Set-up Guide

Anonymous Answered question June 30, 2018

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