Why is TBS Agent not showing latest Betaflight build for Colibri Race Flight Controller?


Can anyone tell me why the TBS Agent doesn’t have the most current build of Betaflight available (3.1.6) for the Colibri Race Flight Controller?

In the TBS Agent software version 3.0.1 is the most current build listed for the non Vendetta Flight Controller. I wasn’t sure if the TBS Agent didn’t have the most current build due to stability, but Colibri Race is listed for 3.1.6.

I would love to use the new code in my craft so if anyone has some insight on this discrepancy that would be great.

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Do you have the “download beta releases” option checked on the first tab of the Agent software?

The RTF models tend to release stable software after the release of newer Betaflight versions, as new versions of Betaflight usually have issues, especially on RTF models.

Also- Some TBS software releases are coded with advanced features for the RTFs which isn’t included with the standard Betaflight releases.

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Anthony, thanks for getting back. I had checked the box, but it looks like there may have been an issue with the TBS Agent software loading. Include Beta Releases wasn’t completing its search. I re-downloaded the client again and was able to get the beta releases to show.

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