Will a 5.8GHz vtx and controller interfere?

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Will using a 5.8GHz controller and vtx interfere with each other? Is it possible to use both and have them on different channels? Thank you!

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Using 5.8ghz vtx and controller at the same time is not a good idea- It is best to use different frequencies for control and video- also, it is best practice to use a control frequency that is lower than your video frequency, for instance, 2.4GHz control and 5.8GHz video-  or 1.3GHz video and 900MHz control.


There are some low pass filters that can be put on a video system to help for use with control systems that are on a higher frequency, such as the 1.3ghz LPF which can allow you to use a 1.3 GHz system with a 2.4 GHz control system, but this is a band aid to poor system design and shouldn’t be used in place of good engineering practices.

Ultimately, you could end up with loss of video, decreased range, and possible loss of control if you run both systems on the same frequency.

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