Are there currently any benefits in running 32bit esc on blheli32?

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Are there currently any benefits in running 32bit esc and dshot1200? Or is it just a numbers hype or sales ploy?


BLHeli 32bit, is only months old, and experimental as far as the features are still being worked out.

I wouldn’t say it’s any type of marketing ploy or artificial hype as the New 32bit is a huge leap from the 8bit of BLHelie and BLHeli_s. The fact is it’s faster and will allow for some really great features that will not be available on BLHeli or BLHeli_S ESCs

There are tons of pilots on Youtube that have covered the a lot of the (potential) features and comparisons between BLHeli, BLHeli_s and 32bit as well as some unknowns. Joshua Bardwell and the late JC of Project BlueFalcon have some good videos going over all the basics and I would suggest everyone who is interested check them out.

If you are looking at buying new ESC, I say future proof and get ESCs that are capable of running what’s next. If your ESC’s are working well for you, I say wait to upgrade until later.

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