How can I purchase the same Powercube stack that is in the qq190?

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The 2 qq190’s that I am flying is my first experience with the TBS products and I have really come to like the TBS Powercube stack so I have a QAV250 that I have completely stripped down to build a semi-long range bird (gonna go with Crossfire). I have been perusing the Internet for the exact Power cube stack that is in the qq190 but I keep finding variations that either don’t have the VTX or dont’ have etc.

Do you sell the stack that is in the qq190? I need that exact combination of components and then will have Crossfire and motors.

Also is the vtx in the qq190 stack the same as TBS Unify?

qq190 rocks BTW. I stayed with the small camera pod and installed Runcam Swift micro cameras. Having a blast with them.


How do you mount the camera in the small pod? I have the same camera and out is way too narrow to fit.


We are currently out of stock but you could always add yourself to the waitlist..

TBS powercube 2-in-1 with Fpvision


I found it. It is listed on Amazon and TBS asĀ TBS POWERCUBE FPVision – A-PCUB-2N1FV for USD $159. Just ordered one.

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Thank you for answering your question.

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