I have a Walkera Runner 250r and it is drifting foward even on gps mode , is that normal or operater error?

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I have the walker 250r with gps. I am new to the fpv world and this my first fpv moduler desing. My problem is that when I take off from the ground and I attempt to keep its altitude It drops no matter how much throttle it has starts surging up and down aside from swaying all directions especially toward. When I switch on the gps it holds altitude but still pitches forward. According to Walkera in gps mode it not sapose to move in any direction. I have correctly calibrated gyro and gps and compass successfuly. I’m just wondering if that’s how these quads fly or is there a problem with my quad???


Hi. Flight characteristics typically vary  from quad to quad depending on the flight controller and software that you are running.

With that being said software such as betaflight and cleanflight running on Hardware that is using a standard mpu6500 gyro and stm32 F3 processor I’ll have very similar flying characteristics because of the underlying software that’s driving the Drone.

And to answer your question betaflight and cleanflight unreliably use GPS for positioning

We always recommend setting up the quad to fly well before you try to use GPS modes, because relying on the GPS to fly and unreliable or poorly set up drone is a very bad idea and will result in crashes and damage.


I do not know much about your Walkera, if it is powered by for instance a Naza M V2 flight controller, then it shouldn’t drift if it is flying in GPS mode.


However the Naza M V2 requires very precise compass calibration to eliminate drift, we call it the funny DJI dance because you have to move the quad in many different directions in order to calibrate the compass. If it is indeed powered by a DJI flight controller such as the Naza M V2, then you should calibrate the compass using the instructions found in the Naza M V2 manual and that should eliminate your drift

I think the bottom line is that we need more information about what is actually powering your quad via hardware and what software that Hardware is running to get a better idea of how to help you solve your issue.

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