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We have bought one of the esc littlebee 30 Amp. We would like to control our bldc motor with this esc ( drone motor) using a pwm pulse ( generated with arduino).
We could not find any datasheet related to this module and thus is the first time we are using it.
Would you please help us to understand it. What does the beeps means and how we can make it run.

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Hi Ali, did you purchase the esc from QuadQuestions?  ESCs can run a host of different firmwares, however, the main one that I would suspect is that the ESC is running BLHeli, or BLHeli-S.  Can you verify by looking for the BlHeli Verbage on the ESC somewhere?
Here is a link to the BLHELI project on Github.  If you can verify that you are running this software, then you can dig into the code to figure out what the beeps mean.

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