Naze32 Acro Motor Sync Issue

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I’m kind of a noob with quads, so please go easy on me if this issue has been asked and answered. I looked but I couldn’t find a solution to my specific problem, which is this:

I have calibrated the ESCs in Baseflight. When I spin the motors up using the Basegflight Motor Test function, they are all in sync and work perfectly. However, when I arm the board and use the Tx throttle, one motor (No. 2) takes longer to spin up and runs quite a bit slower than the others.

I’m stumped. Any ideas?


Can you check your receiver tab?  Make sure that all inputs are centered at 1500 with your trims centered.

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Any other ideas? I cannot figure out why everything works fine in motor test mode, but not from Tx input.

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I calibrated the acc and reset the Z axis. The quad moves in sync with the model model in Baseflight. I still have the same problem. One motor is not synced with the others, and it spins much slower.


HMM,  Try to calibrate the ACC in Baseflight/cleanflight,  Sometimes if the ACC calibration is off, it can cause the model to try to right itself.  Also, check that your board orientation is properly set and that the model image on the first page of clean/baseflight is behaving according to what the model is actually doing.


Put the model between you and the computer with the back of the model facing you and the front of the model facing the computer.  Then, click the reset z axis button to align the image on the screen with the model itself.


Then move the quad around to see if it causes the image on the screen to behave in the same way.


Yes, I followed that very video to calibrate the ESCs.

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