What differences between the version of NAZE32 Rev 6 a, b and c?

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While surfing the Internet, I discovered that  flight controller NAZE32 Rev 6 comes in several sub version: Rev 6a, Rev 6b and  Rev 6c. If any, can anyone detail the functional differences between these varieties of the Rev 6? Thanks

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6a was lacking a diode, which meant that the servo rail could be powered via USB.  A cool feature for some, a terrible one for others-also had some issues with spectrum receivers.

6b was fitted with a diode.

6C- simply the next run of production with minuscule changes to fix non-critical issues and manufacturing optimizations.  All of the current boards that are offered by QuadQuestions.com are Rev6C.

Naze32 Full Featured flight Controller Rev 6 (6C)

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