will a drone return to a moving base station like atv or boat automatically with LOS or low battery or just say RTB?

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Rookie, shopping, watched fpv racing for capabilities.  I want to know how much it will cost to fly a flir type camera reliably in maybe 20 mph wind and range 1 mile preprogrammed or fpv and retun to a moving base.  Are these capabilities there?  Is there a relatively inexpensive way to do this so loss of craft is not horrible, and a more expensive but highly reliable solution?

Thanks much!

Karl in San Jose


This would cost 1 million dollars…

These capabilities aren’t here yet for the hobby market, or the professional/small government level.

Could we do this with a human at the controls- well, it’s much more likely- If you take the moving base out of the equation and the wind, then it becomes a much more possible feat.  There is tech available now that will offer return to home (RTH) tech that will bring a drone back to it’s starting point via GPS but the technology still requires refinement.  It’s not even close to perfect, and isn’t always reliable. It’s best to try to pilot your craft to land.   Besides, Racing drones are great because they are not drones at all, but rather quadcopters piloted by PEOPLE.

Our mentality at QuadQuestions is that the human should be the pilot, the Quadcopter be the Avatar, and the Drone component should be put on hold until the technology can better support the dream of automation.  We are almost there, but is it possible at the consumer level? Not as of 1st Qtr 2018.

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