DTF UHF No Output from receiver

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I have the DTF UHF JR module on my Taranis Plus and I have the DTF UHF 6 Channel Long range Receiver both are on FirmWare ver 3.88 When I connect my Tx to the OpenLRS Configurator and the connect my RX through my Tx module mounted in my Taranis and click on Signal Monitoring I move my sticks and see them functioning properly, But then if I disconnect from the PC and Then Turn on my Taranis with the DTF UHF module in and then power my DTF UHF 6 Ch Rx and get the blue bind LED and connect a servo I don’t have any output to the servo.

What am I missing???

Hi Rodger- Did you ever get this figured out?

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Try updating the firmware of both the DTF UHF Tx and Rx to the latest version of OPENLRSNg. You can download it here:


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