How to enable one shot on a Kiss ESC



The Kiss ESC works well with Oneshot.  In fact, that is one of it’s claims to fame, with Oneshot and active braking (enabled from the factory on the Kiss esc) It is hard to beat.


To enable oneshot, you have to bridge a solder jumper on the kiss esc, shown in the photo above.  You should have a nice smooth solder blob that is connecting both of these pads together at 7.

Once Oneshot is enabled on the ESC, you have to enable it in software,

How to enable oneshot in Cleanflight

How to enable oneshot in Cleanflight

basflight enable oneshot in Baseflight

basflight enable oneshot in Baseflight

Keep in mind that Oneshot doesn’t work well on many other escs, and it has been known to cause many problems and reliability issues, so use it at your own risk (unless running the kiss escs 🙂


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