DALRC F405 AIO flight controller betaflight flash


I just put together my first quad with speedix IS30 esc’s and the DALRC F405 AIO. I plugged it into my computer after building to try and flash the firmware and I cant get betaflight to connect to the FC it just says “No configuration received within 10 seconds, communication failed”. when i plug it in there is a solid red light and a flashing blue light. I managed to bind my frsky x4r-sb receiver to my tarranis qx7 if that means anything… 
If anyone could help me figure out why its not connecting to my PC you would be a god sent. thanks!

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Check that you have selected the correct port in betaflight that corresponds with the port that your usb is connected to.
Try replacing the USB cable with a different one- sometimes this can help as well.
Try checking the autoconnect button in betaflight when connecting- Betaflight should be able to autodetect the port that you are connected to.
If all else fails, check that you have installed the correct firmware for your flight control board.  Try re-flashing if possible.

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