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Are there pins other than 3 & 4 that can be used for m8n gps? 3 & 4 are used by my receiver.

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Yes. You can use any available uart on the board.

So if you uart 2 on a naze32 (pins 3&4) is occupied, You will have to use uart 1 (pins 1&2)

if if both of these are occupied then you can set a software serial port to utilize gps on some of the input pins that become available if using a receiver with sbus or a ppm protocol. This opens up soft serial 1 to pins 5&6 on the naze32 and soft serial 2 to pins 7&8.

Using a soft serial can slow the board down so we recommend avoiding low Looptimes if using this method.

If you are using a board other than a naze32 with an f3 or f4 processor then you will most like have many more available hardware uart ports.

After choosing a different available port, all you have to do is update your port settings in your config software to reflect where the gps is connected

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