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I am working on assembling a drone. I got a few parts.

-2400Kv brushless motor.

-BL Heli 20A ESC

-Ovonic Air 2s 7.4v 1000mAh 50c battery

-Arduino Nano (flight controller)

I have a few issues. Firstly, the battery can’t connect to the ESC with the connectors it has. So I can’t get the ESC connected to the Arduino, and once it’s on, I have no idea how I’ll program it. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Lincoln Answered question December 31, 2018
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HI Lincoln,

This sounds like a pretty good start.  First thing to check out is our guide on motor and ESC sizing.

You can read about it here:

How to choose the right size motors & ESCs for your Drone, quadcopter, or Multirotor build

You should also check out our articles about batteries:

Battery C rating explained

The Difference between configuring drone batteries in series vs parallel

Looking at your setup, I would need more information to help you.

  1. How large is your drone?  See the motor sizing guide above
  2. What is your motor configuration? Do you have 1 motor or do you have 4 motors?
  3. What size propellers are you trying to use?
  4. What is your specific goal with this drone? Is it a racing/freestyle drone or does it need to perform a specific task?

I think that using an Arduino will make this process a lot more difficult than using a flight controller that already contains the hardware required to interface with ESCs.  We have a few different options in stock.

The only reason that I can see to use an Arduino vs. a Flight Controller is for advanced programming possibilities, however, this might add additional complexity to your project that you could avoid by using a normal Flight Controller.

We have a few different ones here in Denver, An OSDoge or a Naze32 would be a good start.  I might have some used boards lying around the shop, Ill check.

Let me know the answers to my questions above and we will go from there.




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