How does the QQ190 GoPro mount work?

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I can’t tell from the photos how the 3D-printed GoPro mount for the QQ190 works. It appears to attach to the top standoff(s?), but then there’s what looks like a zip-tie over the top. Do you have to cut the zip-tie every time you remove the camera?

What other options exist for mounting Hero3-form-factor HD cameras on this frame? I currently run a battery strap around the 2 standoffs and then around the body of my HD cam (which is in a Hovership EXOPRO Camera Bumper for protection), but it’s a little unstable and the angle is fixed at 45 degrees or whatever.


Yorb commented May 5, 2017

Hi Yorb, do you have a QQ190 Tank or 3mm? Or are you flying the RTF?

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