Is there a connection between the flight controller and the frame?

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this is my first quad-copter build. i decided to build my own frame (something like a 550mm frame).

Then i was shopping for a flight controller(naze32). the description said “NAZE32 Rev6 10DOF Flight Controller Barometer Compass For Mini Quadcopter USB”. does this mean that i can’t use this for my build?

any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thnx in advance

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Hi. if you use an official naze32 it should work fine on a larger quadcopter.

Naze32 Full Featured Flight Controller with Compass & Barometer Rev 6 (6C)

The Naze32 can be used on larger quads-  it might require a little bit more tuning than something like a Naza Mv2 but it does work.

It’s return to home functions aren’t as refined as the Naza- but it will make your large drone fly like a mini quad. For example, once tuned, you can fly inverted, turn up your rates and free fall back to earth at terminal velocity which is a fun way to fly. It won’t fly itself though. There are always tradeoffs

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