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I am looking to get 3-4 miles of range, LOS, more vertical than horizontal, but still want to avoid directional antenna. Is this possible? I am more concerned with video quality than latency, since I will be in zero obstacle airspace, even 5 seconds of latency would be acceptable for what I’m doing. What equipment should I be getting to achieve these ranges? Thanks in advance!

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That’s a really cool idea.  Send me a private message to support@quadquestions.com  It sounds like we will have to experiment a little bit.  Ill send you a list of items to get started, (some of which aren’t in the store)   you might have to experiment a bit. you could 3D print an electronics enclosure to put the gear in that the skydiver wears and then build a ground-station to pickup the signal.  .

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It’s really tough to get that kind of range without a directional antenna of some kind.  You will have better video quality with a directional antenna, and you will have better range.

If we are working in the analog realm of things, go for a lower frequency video signal (1.3ghz is one of my favorites).

You could run a patch antenna for a good spread, Yagi antennas require someone to aim the antenna if the gain is really high.

My personal favorite is a pepperbox from Video Aerial Systems, but at 1.3ghz it requires a tripod.

A good solution for you might be to run a diversity setup so that you can have an omni-directional and a directional pointed in the direction you are headed.

You could also build an antenna tracker that points an antenna at the quad based on telemetry GPS data.  Ghettostation is one project that comes to mind.


We aren’t stocking much long range equipment at the QQ Denver warehouse these days, but we can special order the gear for you if needed.

Here is an older article I wrote about long range that you might find helpful.

Long range fpv setup. The myths vs the facts. 

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that article is the reason I posted here 😉 My use for the video equipment is a little different…. I’m looking to make a helmet mounted video broadcasting system that I can where while I shoot tandem skydive videos and broadcast back to the front desk, so people on the ground can watch their friends jump live… I’ve been watching the FPV stuff as it relates to drones, thinking the drone world has really helped push this tech, and was hoping that it’s finally to a point where I can adapt it to my needs. To be honest, I know very little about FPV tech, I have a 3D printer and can make pretty much anything I need to house the equipment, just no clue what equipment I need….. I’d gladly trade 3D printing services for any help with this project, or just a point in the right direction. ~Mitch

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