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vulcan hexcoptor, power 2x 10 amp 6 cell in parralel, 24-25 volts.  6 x  T motor 3515-15 400kv, Maytech 40 amp opto, 2-6 cell (no bec)

Hexcoptor weighs 18 kg all up (pay load)  currantly 14x ?? carbon props,

Question…….what would the optmum prop profile be for best results ” — 1st/ lift,  2nd/ duration”

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From t-motor:

18kg  all up weight means you want at least twice this for good flying.  Let’s say you want 36kg or 36000g of thrust.  Well, I’m sorry to say that even the largest prop on the chart at full throttle only outputs 2830g, 6 of these only output 16980g.  This thing isn’t going to fly

Better lose some weight.

No need to worry about overloading your escs. The largest 16×5.4 props only draw 20A at full throttle so you might be able to loose some weight by running 30A ESCs instead of 40A Escs.

Why is this copter so heavy?

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