My drone won’t take off when it is armed

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I recently purchased a hglrc xjb 145 3 inch quad, this drone has a frsky xm receiver on it. I bound it with my frsky qx7 transmitter and set my inputs for things such as arm & turtle mode. Once these were set I armed the drone so that the green light on the receiver was solid and there was no flashing red light but the drone just stays idle as if nothing happened. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing wrong with the drone itself and I think it might just be a problem with what I’m doing after the drone is armed. I’m just wondering if there are any steps to take after arming or if you know of anything I might have missed while in the process of binding and arming the drone.

Grey DiMascio Answered question February 18, 2020
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Hi Grey, It sounds like you have successfully bound the Qx7 to your receiver, but that you still need to arm the drone to get it flying.  Sometimes, the endpoints can cause issues when it comes to arming.  You should be able to check your setup in betaflight to make sure that your radio is connected properly and that your flight controller is receiving the proper input signal.  Good luck!

Anonymous Answered question February 18, 2020

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