My LED lights on Eachine wizard x220s(my racing drone) are not doing what is programmed in Betaflight.

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Hello, I am a very new person in race quadcopter and I just wondered if I was maybe doing something wrong in Betaflight to make my LEDs go crazy. What I mean in crazy is that some of the LED taillights on my drone don’t even light up while others light up but not to the color that they are suppose to be. On my wizard there are many cool light functions such as blue for armed and red for unarmed as well as cool turn signals. But now I don’t get any of which I once had for my LEDs. Although I did crash the drone pretty hard the 2nd day I flew it I’m not sure if that would of caused my LEDs to go hay wire. Another thing I did was take apart my drone and look at all the control boards and apparently all the wiring looked just fine. I tried unplugging the cable that runs to the LEDs and then re-plugging it but that didn’t seem to do anything. The top right LED light seems to be the only LED that works correctly all the other ones do their own thing. Is there any suggestions you have on what I may be doing wrong?

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