Need a little help on fpv freestyle quad build?

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I purchased the battle axe X5 250mm frame by iflight and I am extremely eager to order the parts to finish this build. I want a freestyle quad at the end of it all. I really just would like to know what to buy for the best outcome that’s not outrageously expensive. Could anyone give me some direction for specific parts I should go with? Any reply would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous Answered question October 17, 2019
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man, Honestly, there are a lot of different opinions out there, and too much hype to filter through.  You could save some money by not going with the latest hyped up gear and finding something that was popular a few months or last season ago.

Our QQ190 is an X frame and highly discounted right now.  It includes motors and a camera so it’s a great deal.

Check out the Emax 2205 2600KV motors.  We just pulled out a set of 4 from storage.

We also have a bunch of returned and tested items available such as video transmitters, cameras, receivers, radios and more.  If you see an item that you want on the site, let us know and we can check to see if we have any used in stock to save you some $$

Anonymous Answered question October 17, 2019

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