One ESC is Frying When Plugged in.

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So for a while now I’ve been having trouble with my quad, and it’s hard to troubleshoot those other problems when you can’t get the thing in the air.
Ever since ever since I had a bad crash (into my sheds roof…) it’s been acting weird as in death rolls to the ground (I think it’s desyncing or maybe the gyro went bad) and vibrations to the moon (I guess the PID started freaking out for whatever reason). So after this last crash, from vibration to the moon and disarm from about 30-40ft, it fried the back right ESC, ok no problem, soldered on a new one and just so I didn’t have to rip everything apart again I tried to boot the ESC un-mounted and it beeped how it was supposed to. Mount everything back up motor screwed in and ESC zipped down. Try it again no boot/beeping, and the back half of the ESC got warm just like the first. It drew about 500 mA compared to a working ESC drawing about 20 mA. I now understand that these ESCs are WAY over kill since the hole quad draws about 50-60 Amps on a punch.
I want to say the voltage regulator died, but I can’t tell right now and I will try looking at it with thermal imaging to see if it’s the hottest component when I get home.

If anyone has any idea what’s killing them please let me know. Thank you!

But here is the ESC

Kuhny1 Answered question August 26, 2018
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Hi there. Can you let us know what the quad I’d and what the motors and escs are?  First thing that comes to mind is that the motor screws might be too long and shorting out the frame to the windings in the motor.
Most newer escs have built in over current protection, so it will help to know which ones you are using.

Anonymous Answered question August 26, 2018
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