Power Naze32 with a Raspberry Pi

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I have just bought a Naze32 rev6. I want to power it by USB connected to RasPi3, because I need to transfer some data from FC to RasPi

Do I have to configure the naze32 to tell it that it only has to get the power from USB?

This fact is because I also have 4 OPTO ESC powered by a specific battery that are connected to the FC.

I do not want the battery of the 4 ESC interfer with the naze32 or the RasPi, because I am afraid of they burn.

Thanks for your attention.

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As long as you have everything wired correctly you shouldn’t have to worry about burning anything out.

However, if you still want to only power the Flight Controller you need to make sure your RasPi3 has power over USB (5VDC). The Naze32 32 will power up automatically when it’s plugged. If you do not have powered USB on your Pi3 then you will need to get a USB cable with a power adapter or put 5VDC to the rails on the Naze32.

That said, this is all “do at your own risk.” Good Luck!

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The usb giving 5v. and the naze32 is powering on automatically. My ESCs are connected to naze32 with land wire and signal wire, I do not know whether when I connect the battery to ESCs I will fry the naze32.

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If you are powering up off the USB you should be good to go. As for the concern of frying the Naze, when properly wired there is no path for the ESC to send voltage back through the signal to FC. Your ESCs should only have 1 signal wire each from the flight controller to the ESC signal pad. Your PDB (power distribution board) will then provide the power to the ESC and also to the +5VDC to the flight controller. If you have already powered the craft up and nothing has fried you are good.

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