Powercube Elite Bundle- Vtx, OSD, And Flight Controller Stack

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Will the above powercube work with a Lemon Rx DSMX Compatible PPM 8-Channel Diversity Antenna Receiver.

Many thanks, in advance.

Probably academic now, as I’ve just bought a Taranis, which seems to be the way forward.

Excellent choice. The Taranis should be a great compliment to your power cube. I recommend using an Sbus receiver such as the X4R-SB for best results. https://quadquestions.com/product/frsky-x4r-sb-16-channel-receiver/ Using an SBus receiver means that you can get 16 channels from the taranis into the powercube elite bundle with only one wire!

Fantastic, thanks so much. This is such a learning curve, for me.

That’s what we are here for! Glad we could help.


The Power Cube Elite Bundle accepts many different inputs including PPM, Sbus, SumH, Sum D, Spektrum 1024, Spektrum 2048, and more.

So yes, it should work with a PPM receiver such as the Lemon DSMX.

Powercube Elite Bundle- Vtx, OSD, and flight controller stack

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