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I have a friend that has asked me to build him a quad with features like return to home and the ability to track with GPS if lost. I was thinking TBS Powercube with their GPS module would be a good option. Could you please tell me which components would be necessary to achieve this? Probably want a 6 inch frame so which motors would you recommend also?

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Hi Robert,

The TBS GPS core does not have return functionality. It is meant to only show GPS data on the on screen display. There is a GPS module known as NAZA from DJI that has the functionality you are looking for. There is a packaged combo that has the GPS module and the FC along with autopilot packages. It is called the NAZA-M V2.

DJI NAZA V2 Flight Controller with Autopilot LED & GPS

Just a warning, GPS is difficult. Be prepared for some headaches.

You are going to want a longer flight time to ensure the drone can complete the return maneuver if lost. This boils down to the battery supply and the current draw from the motors. Lower kv motors will turn slower but draw less amps. If you size them with a large prop they can still generate the thrust necessary for flight. Pair this with a high Amp-hour battery and you can fly longer but you will not have the maneuverability of a racing grade drone. You may want a larger frame as well. Smaller frames cannot accommodate high capacity batteries or large props with ease. Racing grade components are made for light weight maneuvers and speed. They are great but are not meant to fly very long or with a lot of extra weight.

We have a quad prop drone with the NAZA-M V2 that runs on a 9 inch frame with TBS Discovery 900 kv motors that is outfitted with a 4-5 Amp-hour LiPo battery that works pretty well.

TBS Discovery Quadcopter Top and Bottom Plate

Let us know if you have questions.



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