qq190 cant swim

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I took a bad bounce off a slope and ended up in the pool with the qq190. what should i be expecting to replace after something like this? all the electronics? motors too?

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Dam Anthony! you must have a fancy talk to type program or something. nicely done! Thank you for the support. If I need to swap everything out its good to know your available.

Blog about it eh? if it helps you help me im open to it. you probably have my email on file if you wanna send me an outline or something.

As far as crashes go it wasnt too bad. I was hauling ass and my belly skipped off the ground and redirected me right in the water. the force wasnt enough to eject the lipo. when I fished it out, the LED’s on the boards were on. i disconnected power soon as i was able. Then dried it off best i could with a leaf blower, its been sitting in front of a fan for the past few days. ill fire it up on Monday after work and see where we’re at.


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