QQ190 Flacon RTF Trim Adjustments are Back-To-Front

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Today whilst adjusting trims in Angle Mode so that my QQ190 would hover in one location I found that my trim actions are in the opposite direction to those detailed in the manual, i.e. to correct left drift I have to input left roll, ditto pitch I have to input backward trim to correct backward drift.  Could this be causing some of the issues I’ve experienced, do I need to reverse my pitch and roll channels?

I might need to correct the manual. You should trim in the opposite direction of the drift. I.e. If it is floating left, you would trim it with right stick. If it is floating backwards, you would use pitch down (right stick up) to correct it.

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Looks like the manual is correct. If drifting left, input stick right, If drifting back input stick forward. Let me know if that helps.



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