QQ190 RTF with CRSF?

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Trying to set up a QQ190 with the CRSF protocol. Tx is a Tango w/Crossfire Micro and the Rx is a Micro v2. The Rx is connected to the Colibri via a TBS CRSF cable. Everything is on the latest firmware I could find. The ‘enter’ button will not change the protocol as directed in the RC Calib screen nor will it ‘exit’ that menu. If I use Betaflight to set UART1 to CRSF, the FC does not recognize any input from the Rx (and yes, I change from PPM to CRSF tx and rx on ch1 and 2 respectively in the radio). It works fine on PPM. What am I missing?


Hi, thanks for asking.

There are 2 connections to the Crossfire micro from the QQ190, 1 connection is the BST cable, and the other is the Rx cable.

You need to make sure that you are connecting the crossfire micro to the Rx port. Do you have the CRSF connected to the Rx port on the QQ190?

Check your firmware on the QQ190 and make sure that it is up to date with the latest QQ release via the TBS Agent software.

You can download the agent at Agent.qq190racingdrone.com

I also recommend updating your CRSF firmware to the latest.


Let me know if that helps.

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