Qq190 tango stick calibration?. WAITING FOR SBUS??

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I’m trying to calibrate the sticks on my tango w/ frsky reciever/module it only flashes WAITING FOR SBUS..?

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Which version do I flash the quad?  I did the most recent update and still the same problem.  I can’t seem to connect in cleanflight on my laptop?

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use Betaflight, not cleanflight. Can you tell us more info? Exactly which receiver are you using? Exactly which module are you using? What color are the lights on the receiver when it is powered on?

I’m using the tango w/ frsky module and x4r sb. I flashed it in cleanflight Andy now I’m getting a flashing red on top the power cube.

We recommend running the QQ version of Betaflight available via the TBS agent software. Again, check page 56 of the manual for details. If you want to schedule a remote session with our support team, you can email us directly at support@quadquestions.com

Ok sounds like it will come to that. I keep getting error message in agent when updating and power cube is solid blue light w/ flashing red and green sequence?…

Are you on the colibri race tab? Did you select beta versions on the update tab? What does the error message say?

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This is covered in the manual available at manual.qq190racingdrone.com

See page 56

make sure you have version 1.1 of the manual.

In a nutshell, you can fix it by turning off serial RC on port 1 in the ports tab  in betaflight or by using the tbs agent to flash the quad

The full steps are in the manual


I hope that helps.

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