QQ190 – Which are the Stock Profile/Rate Profile settings in Betaflight?


When I connect my QQ, Betaflight automatically presents Profile 2 and Rate Profile 1 selected on the PID’s page.

Which Profile/Rate Profile should I be using to access the stock tune (done by Magnus I think)?? This one??

Any comments appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Anthony, Profile 1 seems to fly nicely thank you, but I’m confused.

I previously downloaded the magnus tune settings from your web site and I note that the PID’s in his downloaded dump are different again from Profile 1.

I don’t really want to load his dump/configs as his setup & RC is completely different from mine and his dump is from BF 3.0.1 (I’m at 3.1.7). I’m  just confused as to which PID’s I should be using:- Profile 1 as it came to me (see attached)? or selectively load & save the PID’s from the magnus tune dump I downloaded.

I have no experience in tuning PID’s so would be really keen to know I’m using a well tuned/best tuned set.

Many thanks

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Thanks so much Anthony. All this time and I have been flying Profile 2, doh!! (seems to fly okay though, but wanted to be sure I was flying the profiles set by the factory). I can see how it could be changed unintentionally.

So I take it you mean Profile 1 and Rate Profile 1 also??



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You should go with profile 1.  There are stick commands to change the profile, it is possible to change it by accident if you aren’t careful.

Check out page 46 of the QQ190 Manual

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