QQ190 with Futaba 14SG FASStest Transmitter


Hello,  I just purchased a QQ190 from TBS as I was told that it was compatible with Futaba SBUS.  However, I’ve just found out that Futaba receivers suitable for a Futaba 14SG FASStest transmitter are quite large, much larger than their R2001SB Drone Rx.

Can you please tell me if a Futaba R7003SB Rx being their smallest FASStest RX will fit and work with the QQ190.  R7003SB dimensions 0.89″x1.47″x0.37″ (22.5 x 37.4 x 9.3mm).  They also state that it will requires S.BUS2 or S.BUS servos. refer: http://www.gpdealera.com/cgi-bin/wgainf100p.pgm?I=FUTL7672

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If it outputs Sbus, then it will work.


Size wise, It might be a bit bulky- we designed the QQ190 so that the TBS Crossfire micro rx or the Frsky X4R-SB receivers fit well under the stock camera.  Here are some dimensions.


My consensus is that it will fit. You can always mount it on the top where an HD camera can go or on the side plates with some mounting tape.. too.

Frsky X4R-SB 16 Channel Receiver

TBS Crossfire micro receiver

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