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I just did this backward, didn’t I? Sorry, I try to rush before I am running late for work.  Anyway, in a nutshell, I need the antenna adapter that will fit in the LED board holder4 and sit flat on the QQ190, and I need the board (LED) that fits inside of I keep trying to buy them on the website and it shows they are in stock, then they are not. Btw. I need to send pics because, on my QQ190, the drag race module doesn’t fit unless I remove some of the capacitors. It’s just a hair too big and wants to force the standoffs to bend out at the top because they are too close to the power cube. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just have to shine the extra capacitors.


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Let me check the inventory of the LED boards, sometimes, when they are in customer’s carts, they will show in stock, but also be unavailable because they are allocated to another customer.

Do you need taller standoffs for the QQ190?  We have them in lengths up to 35MM.

I’ll respond here with what I find.  Let me know if the 35mm standoffs will work for you.

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