TX input doesn’t show up in beta flight.

5.07K viewsmini quad (<250mm)

Taranis QX7, R-SXR rx, SP Racing F3 FC

I’ve tried just about everything I can find online related to this topic. Lots of forums on the problem, but little resolutions.

I have bound the tx to the rx, and filled out the appropriate fields in beta flight, but there is never any response in the rx tab.

Kyle (anonymous) 1 Comment

I tried setting it to PPM mode in Beta flight, that was unsuccessful. I also tried a different Tx, no change. I connected a different rx to the plug in for UART3 and couldn’t get that one to work either.
I guess I will un-solder the RSXR and solder on the new rx to see if that’s where the problem is.

Kyle commented on answer April 20, 2018

Sounds good, let me know if it can see the new Rx.

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