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Ok so im thinking about purchasing the tbs crossfire setup. Will it work with my taranis x9d?    Btw i fly fpv 250 vortex pro and a mini 2″ prop quad, both with xm+ receivers.  I want to fly further away than what i currently can. from what i understand the crossfire is for comm between the quad and the controller. What about the video connection? Im using fatsharks with diversity patch antenna and a aomway antenna.


Your Taranis should work great with the Crossfire system.   The TBS Crossfire will give you great long range control with your video really being the limiting factor on your long range flights.

First off I recommend ditching the Aomway antenna. You will get the best video If you use matching antennas with a matching polarization. I would recommend a high gain patch or yagi antenna pointed in the direction of the drone and flying in one direction away from you for the most success with ling range flying. Here is a link to an article about it although it is older and written before the Crossfire came out, the same principals still apply.

Long range fpv setup. The myths vs the facts. 

TBS Crossfire Tx Long Range RC Radio

TBS Crossfire micro receiver

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