Where can I find Naz32 rev6 acro pins?

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I have a Naze32acro Rev6 flight controller.  It did not come with the pins.


I would like to order your acrylic armor for this flight controller and the pins for this flight controller by themselves.

if so, please email me at {REDACTED BY ADMIN].

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Hi Marcus. I have included (below) two links to the two products you are interested in purchasing. Please log in (or create an account if you haven’t already) to QuadQuestions.com. Once logged in just follow the supplied links to each of the products and add them to your cart. This will ensure that you get customer reward points (that can be redeemed online for merchandise) for the purchase when you make it. I hope this helps to answer your question. Thanks

Angled pin Set for Naze32 Rev 6

Naze32 Rev6 Case- Acrylic armor


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