Where is the read me file for my Taranis X9D setup files for my SD card???

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I received the files for setup of X9D but can’t find the read me file that you said I should read.



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Check out the readme below:

Let us know if you have any questions .

Taranis X9D Plus Model & Settings Files, Voice pack, and Support

Hopefully these files can help to ease your transition to FRSKY and you will find our models and settings helpful.  

We have found that there are issues with some Taranis boot loaders that are flashed on FrSKy radios from the factory.  In particular, the 2.1.6 boot loader has had issues with Mac connectivity. We recommend that if you are having connectivity issues with a radio that you purchased from quadquestions.com to please try making sure that you are using taranis boot loader 2.0.6.  You can install this boot loader from this card by rewriting the SD card in your Taranis radio with the files in this folder. By doing this, you will be able to load the known working boot loader to obtain access to the Taranis via either companion software, or via a direct link to the files on the Taranis.

There are 2 flashing methods.

For new users or for flashing a taranis without models installed.  

Step 1.  Remove your Taranis SD card from the battery compartment.

Step 2.  Backup all files on your SD Card, then overwrite all files from the downloaded folder onto the taranis SD card. Make sure to choose “replace” if prompted. Wait for copy process to complete.

Step 3. Remove the SD card from the computer and reinstall it into the Taranis.

Step 4. Launch the radio in boot loader mode. Do this by pinching the trims located below the gimbals  towards the center of the radio while turning on the power.

Step 5- on the screen you will see 2 options, write firmware and restore eeprom.  Select write firmware and then press ENT.

Select the file called QQFIRMWARE_x_x.BIN and press ENT

Hold ENT to write the firmware

Push enter after firmware is complete.

Select Restore EEProm

Push ENT


push ENT

Hold ENT to write EEPROM.

Push Exit twice.

Clear switch and throttle warnings if present.

Calibrate radio.


Long Press the menu button

Once in the radio setup menu push page to get to screen 2/8

Scroll down to firmwares

Select QQBOOTLOADERx.x.x.bin

Select flash boot loader

DONE!  Enjoy our models and settings.  The boot loader should now be reverted to 2.0.9 and now when your Taranis is plugged into a mac in boot loader mode, 2 drives should be present, No name and Taranis.  You should now also be able to configure your radio with OpenTx Companion.

Best regards,

Customer Satisfaction Team


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