Which way do the props go on for vendetta

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Which props go where on the tbs vendetta? Which ones are CW and CCW? the HQ5x4R or the HQ5x4?

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HQ5x4 is the standard pusher prop, this prop is supposed to rotate counter clockwise if looking down from the top. So this prop should go on the rear left and the top right.

HQProp 5x4x3 CCW Propeller – 3 Blade (Green – 2 pack)

R stands for reverse, which means that the prop spins clockwise looking down from above.

So the 5x4x3 R should go on the rear right and the front left.

HQProp 5x4x3RG CW Propeller – 3 Blade (Green – 2 pack)


Keep in mind that this configuration would only be true for quads running cleanflight, baseflight, or Betaflight.

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