Would the quad fly better with a 3s or 4s based on the weights of the batteries?

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So the questions for the title is a bit hard to explain, so here is a better explanation of my question. So I want to get into the fpv quad flying hobby so I decided to pick up a very starter quad, its the eachine wizard X220. From the specs of the quad its lift off weight is 535 grams and the quad itself without the battery weighs in at 364 grams. So I just need to pickup a battery everything else is accounted for. I want to get a 4s battery 1500mah which is 160 grams but that brings the total weight to 524. So my question is would the quad not be as efficient with this weight. Or should I just stick a 3s 1300 mah and have a total weight of 484? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice total beginner to this.

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Hello Zaid, that is a great question. I have been doing a little reading up on the Wizard to see how i could help answer this for you and it looks like the wizard will handle both 3s and 4s batteries. Now when you are talking efficiency a lighter 3s battery would be the way to go for the most efficient flight if that flight is sustained hover and or cruise flight. If you are looking to fly a more acro style or aggressive flight a 4s will always work better and be more efficient due to the increased power. What it really comes down to is that if the quad is not changing altitude or attitude rapidly a 3s power system with the reduced weight will be more efficient but when performing maneuvers it will suffer and may even cause a unintentional crash due to the lack of available power to pull out of extreme maneuvers. The 4s battery while heavier will have extra available power to help with a more aggressive flight even with the extra weight. During my reading i found many reports of people that purchased the 3s battery and then subsequently  buying the 4s battery and not going back to the 3s. i hope this helps with your decision.

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