Can 5.8ghz fpv be boosted to penatrate trees out to 1000 yards?

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Im new to quads and have an Eachine racer 250.  I want to know the limits of 5.8ghz FPV and if I can boost it with a diversity helical antenna or ground station.  I don’t want to invest in 5.8ghz if it’s likely not to work. The area I have to fly is mostly wooded trails.


Honestly, 5.8 really doesn’t work well when objects are between you and the quad.  No radio signals have the ability to penetrate certain objects.  5.8 is one of the worst bands when it comes to penetration.

We recommend if flying though trees to use a high-gain directional antenna such as a yagi on 2.4ghz or lower.  Use a linear polarization and put your antennas 90 degrees to the tree trunks.  This should give you good forest penetration.  Make sure you have someone on the ground to point the antenna for you, as high gain antennas will make your angular range decrease quite a bit.

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