Building my first quadcopter.

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Hey guys as the title says i am trying to build a quadcopter from scratch. I have selected few parts and i have no idea will the quad come together and fly so i am requesting you guys to take a look at the parts(links below) and verify that they are compatible and will work out, if not please give your suggestions…oh and the frame for my quad is “x” configuration and i am making my own. i am assuming the average weight of the quad to be around 800g, i hope the motors and prop combination can hover it well. Thanks guys!!!!!


Well,  I was unable to see your cart,

However, if you are looking to build a quad wether it is a QAV250 or a TBS discovery or a custom x configuration, there are a few guidelines to use:

You first have to decide on your battery choice.  That can predicate a lot of the other component choices.  We can choose either a 3s or a 4s battery,

such as this one at 4s,

4S25C 1600MAH battery

or a 1500-2000 MAH battery on 3s

Next thing to consider is weight.  You said you are going with an 800g quad.  The qav250 is 540g, and the TBS discovery is 16-1800g  so you should probably build up a setup that would really make the QAV250 rip.  This would include using 6″ or larger propellers.

If we are driving an 800g quad with 6″ propellers, then we know that we want a motor that is capable of handling our battery selection and that is around 2000kv for the best efficiency.  2 excellent choices for your project are:

Lumenier 2208 2000KV 4S capable motor

Cobra 1960KV motor

with the former being a more expensive, 4s motor option, and the latter being a good 3s less expensive option.

The next step is to find an ESC that works well for this motor/battery combination.

I would choose an ESC that is capable of supplying the right amount of current for our particular power draw, has good Nfets, etc.  Considering that we are using 6″ props on this quad.  The average amp draw for a 6″ HQ6030 propeller with a Cobra 1960KV motor is:
3S thrust(max): 522g Current: 7.8A Voltage: 12.0V
4S thrust(max): 835g Current: 12.1A Voltage: 16.1V

Here is the 2204 1960kv Cobra Motor thrust data

So if running a 3s battery, you can use a standard 12A esc such as the blue simonk quadquetions nfet.

If running a 4s battery, you need an esc rated at a higher amp rating.  The Kiss 18a esc is an excellent choice.

I would slap a Naze32 full featured flight controller in this quad for it’s brain.

The only other thing you would need is a BEC for voltage supply to the flight controller.  The blue NFets have this built in, the Kiss Escs don’t so if going with those, your build would require one.

Anyway, I hope that helps you.


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sorry for the broken link. since this is my first build i am trying to make it as cheap as possible and learn as much as i can. here are the links, Thanks for the reply, judging by what you have informed me i think i may have selected parts that will over-power my quad…still i would request you to check the links and give your suggestions. Also would i need a BEC with the ESC i have chosen? Thanks.





I think you should direct your inquiry to hobby king to see what they have to say.  I gave you the links and a good starting point above.

If you purchase the items from our store, then you are guaranteed support for when you put this quad together.  I can’t say as to whether the above components that you listed from HK will work or not because I don’t sell them.  What I do sell, are parts that are tested, and known to work well.

I would recommend that you purchase the 9x radio from me and have it upgraded to an FRsky system, as it is much better and more reliable than the radio system that comes with the 9x.

If you want to build the cheapest quad possible, that is understandable, but if you want to build something that you know will work, and is supported, you might have to shop with me.

Thanks Anthony, i will look into it. I do not live in the US, i am an Tanzanian resident can you guys deliver till here? Thanks for the help.

Yes, I can give you a quote to deliver in Tanzania, send me your address and I can give you a custom shipping quote. I can ship via USPS, UPS, DHL, or Fedex and I am happy to give you a custom shipping quote to see if it is a feasible option for you.

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