I can get my quad to spin the motors using my Taranis X9D (bought from Quad Questions) in Baseflight, but they won’t spin when I unplug the USB.

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So this is my first build, and I know I’ve gotten everything just right up until this point. I’ve plugged a USB into the Naze to set up Baseflight…and I’ve calibrated my ESCs, and all the motors are testing great and spinning in the correct orientation. I can use my Taranis X9D to control my throttle. So I hit save, and unplug my USB to test my Quad on its maiden voyage.

BUT to my utter disappointment, it does NOT take off. The motors don’t even budge. My engines are ARMED, and I’ve got all the settings exactly as they were when I was testing the motor…except this time the USB isn’t plugged in.

So TL;DR: My quad only starts spinning its motors when it is plugged in via USB + battery. I can’t take off only using the Battery (and of course my receiver/transmitter which work just fine).

I have a ZMR250 kit from Mini Quad Bros. It uses an Overcraft (batch 4) PDB. Naze 32, connected to a 1.5mAh 3S battery.

Any ideas? Any additional info I can provide?


hmm,  well, try calibrating the accelerometer….


did you connect the ground wires to your escs?  Sometimes there can be ground loops that are remedied by the usb connection.  if the escs don’t have a good ground reference, it can cause issues.

what kind of escs are you using?

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I am using the D4r-ii receiver, and I’m set up using PPM.

Here is a screenshot of my config window: http://prntscr.com/8q4acq

Note that I’ve adjusted my Yaw because my Naze is pointing left, relative to the front of the quad.

Indeed, all the channels are moving properly in the Receiver tab. Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Throttle…and all 4 AUX channels as well.

I’ve got my “arm” command enabled on AUX1 set on High. And when I do this, the motors will spin, but as soon as I disconnect from USB, I can’t make my motors spin anymore.

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HI,  Thanks for posting here.

Please send a screenshot of your config screen.

What receiver are you using?

is it setup in PPM mode?

Do the channels move on the receiver tab in baseflight when the quad is plugged in?

the channels should move and center at 1500. Verify this and also that they are mapped correctly.

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