Is there a product that brings the digital HD video signal of Lightbridge to regular DIY quads?

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I would like to use the higher quality and the “always on or off” aspect that comes with digital video transmission, but I also want the freedom to build my own quad. DJI’s Lightbridge seemed like a good idea, but I don’t see any comparable products made for regular DIY quads. Does something like this exist or is literally every company only making the analog signal transmitters?


I know that using this method is not suitable for “racing quads” as it adds a small delay, and I am completely fine with that. I wouldn’t say that I’d be using my quad for aerial photography, but I certainly won’t be using it for racing either.

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Although I have no problem paying a little extra to get what I want, I can’t really justify spending over $1000 on this as it would then just make more sense to get a DJI. Does no one make a more affordable option?


There are some very high end systems available such as the Connex by Amimon which is a very expensive ($1500+)system, and also very big.  They recently came out with a miniature version, but this still is big and is very expensive, not quite the type of thing that you would want to put on a miniquad that you are going to be bashing up.

The other issue is that it uses several bands with automatic channel hopping in order to transmit the HD signal, so it doesn’t play well with others.

If you are truly interested in this type of system, we can source it for you from Amimon. Simply drop us a line at

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