osdoge and naze32 shows no data flashing on screen display

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hi, i have a naze32 and osdoge setup going and i was able to configure both. i see an osd overlay on my video but it always shows disconnected and no data. ive got the osdoge stacked up on top of the naze and the pins line up correctly but osdoge still not getting signal from naze. one thing i noticed is that on the naze the print on the board is rx tx then on the osdoge it is tx rx. could that be the issue? i thought those boards were made to stack on each other? do i need to solder wires crossing so it would connect tx tx and rx rx or is there another way? thanks in advance.

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Which way is your switch facing on the osdoge?  Try flipping the switch. The switch turns off the serial communication for when you are using the USB on your Naze32 because the OSDoge and USB port use the same serial port on the OSDoge.

Concerning your observation about the printing on the board, Tx connects to Rx and Rx connects to Tx, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

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