QQ 190 Falcon/Naze32 Rev6

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Hey guys

I was wondering if you have any decent pictures floating around that show a Naze32 Rev 6 board mounted on the new QQ 190 Falcon?

Seems it is going to be a tight/challenge to properly orientate the board and gain access to the USB port and keep pins from getting too close to the props. Same seems true of the CC3D board.

It can be worked out as long as I secure cables properly but some pics of any builds may give me some insight.

Thanks a bunch



We recommend direct soldering your escs to the flight controller 

in this build,  If you do that, then you can easily fit a naze32/cc3d/spracing F3, Colibri, or any other 36mm flight controller.

Ill try to post some pics of a falcon with naze32 board here once we get it mocked up.

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