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How do you wire a robocat drone. Please and Thanks


Hi Kelissa,  Start by checking out the blog and then the forums.  The wiring on the Robocat is the same as on most other quads.  You have your main power that goes to your escs, and your flight controller requires 5v power.  You will have to connect your battery to your PDB that comes with the kit.  After that you will need to connect your receiver to your flight controller and your escs to the fc as well.

We don’t sell the kit on our site, but most quadcopters have a similar component structure.

Try starting with the articles at the beginning of the blog at  In particular, this article talks about quadcopter components and can get you more familiar with the components of a quadcopter.  from there, watch this video on how to build a QAV250.  The frame might be different but the general concept is the same.  Good luck!

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