ESC Curr and Vbat to VCC connection

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ok, I’m matching the pin from an esc to a different manufacturer’s flight control board I have on the flight control board a pin for vbat and curr, and on the esc a pin for VCC and curr, I have to match the pins for esc and fc, on the curr, what should I pin it to for the fc, same for VCC, and on the fc vbat and would I connect curr to curr, now that I’ve confused everybody, any help?

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A good question-

It would help to know exactly what hardware you are using.

Generally speaking, VCC stands for Voltage Common Connector which refers to the higher voltage above the ground.

VBat typically stands for Battery Voltage, so that connection is most likely a connection to your battery.  If that pin is on the ESC, it is possible that it is intended to power a flight controller, but again, we need to know what esc you are using to know for sure.

Your flight controller Curr connection is most likely is for sensing current for an OSD or for Telemetry.

Are you sure that the ESC pin is labeled Curr and not CRT?

Most of the time if an esc has a CRT or Current wire, it uses that to communicate how much current it is drawing, and there is usually a scaling factor that needs to be set in your flight controller settings to accurately scale the output of the ESC .

My logic tells me that you might connect VCC on the Flight Controller to your Esc Vbat connection, and your ESC Curr to your Flight Controller Curr connection, and then set the scaling factor in your flight controller software so that you get the proper current reading.

I hope that helps!

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