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I picked up a Skyline 32 FCU (Naze 32 clone) and the manufacture did not put a dedicated RX/TX pins for OSD. I plan to use CH1 for CPPM and CH6 for D4RII Telemetry for the Taranis.
Question I have is, since I am not using a GPS can I configure Pins 3 & 4 to transmit Telemetry to the OSD??  Or can I use soft serial 2 on pin 7 and 8 to send Telemetry to my OSD and Soft serial 1 on pin 6 to send telemetry to my D4RII at the same time.   Link to skyline 32 manual

Thank you


Hi There,  Thank you for posting in this Q&A.

Although I agree with “Anonymous” to some extent about copying stifling innovation, there are also many good flight controllers on the market that use STM32 processors that have been built based on Multiwii.  So there are options for you, and running on multiple platforms is something that the Cleanflight software specializes in.  You can program the ports for your board within Cleanflight.  Cleanflight works with many boards besides the Naze32 and is an ideal choice for someone using an stm32 based flight controller that is not a Naze32.

Download Cleanflight here

To setup the ports, click on the ports tab in Cleanflight.

**The Softserial identifiers will not show up unless softserial is enabled via the configuration tab or via the CLI by entering “feature softserial”

**(you can ignore the green writing on the image above, I just stole this pic from a blog post on telemetry, a good read available here:How to setup telemetry with a Naze32 and a Taranis radio)**

From here you can choose what port does what, so for example, say you want to use pins 3 & 4 (the 2nd UART that GPS normally uses) for your OSD serial connection. You would check the MSP box next to UART2 and then set your baud rate according to the requirements of your OSD.

* * for Pins 5&6 you would want to choose soft serial 1 and 7&8 choose soft serial 2.

*** this only outputs MSP “Multiwii Serial Protocol”  There is some talk about cleanflight offering other options besides MSP in the future.  At least the last time that I spoke with Clifton, he was pretty adamant about not being happy with the MSP code.

**** your pin output may be different than what I posted above depending on how your hardware is layed out. (above is what you would assume for a Naze32)so it is best to make sure that you check with the hardware manufacturer or retailer to find out what the pinout is for your device.

I hope that helps you.  Have fun Flying!




Thanks. That is what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.

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Should the checkbox for MSP be unchecked or checked if I am setting up telemetry for the D4R-ii on softserial1?

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Thanks for the lesson of what I should have purchased

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First and foremost, is there a reason that you decided to purchase a clone instead of a real Naze32?  Purchasing official hardware directly supports the innovators that make this hobby possible.  Purchasing cloned hardware only supports ripping off others.  Furthermore, you aren’t guaranteed that the quality of the components on the cloned hardware is going to work the same as the original.

You might be able to setup your board in cleanflight to output Multiwii serial protocol on the UART2 port, or, if that doesn’t work, you could use soft serial and then configure your soft serial port to work with your OSD.

If we were working with a Naze32, it would be easily possible to output serial data on the 2nd UART port (pins 3&4) or over soft serial 1 (pins 5&6) and soft serial 2 (pins 7&8)  You would simply have to enable soft serial and then setup your port outputs to output the information that your OSD requires.

I own several Naze32’s, none clone versions and don’t have to be schooled on purchasing official hardware. The skyline is a thin FCU not using header pins which is the only FCU that will fit in my Firefly 3D printed quad.

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