Can you use a spectrum radio to control a QAV250 with a Naze32 Flight Controller?

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I have a Spectrum radio and I would like to know if it is possible to use this radio with the QAV250 with the Naze32 Flight controller.


The breakout cable for the naze32 is available here that you can use to hook up to a standard receiver.


To use this, configure the Naze32 without feature ppm and then run to your Rx.

For standard (non-PPM) receivers,2 connect all three wires (ground, 5V, and signal) from Channel 1 from your receiver onto the top left three pins (ground on the left, 5V, then signal on right). Channels 2-8 only need the signal wires from the receiver.




It is possible to use a spectrum radio with the Naze32. You have to either use a breakout cable, or get a Lemon Receiver capable of PPM that works with your radio’s technology. So if you have a DSMX radio, you need a Lemon DSMX PPM receiver. If your radio is only DSM2, then you need a Lemon DSM2 receiver.

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